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"Managing Emotional and Mental challenges with the subtle energy of colour."

Colour is Energy | Colour is Light | Colour is Life
  • Pamper Your Soul with Love

    Pamper Your Soul with Love

  • Essence of Me is Love

    Essence of Me is Love


  • Soul Pampering with Love

    Soul Pampering with Love

    “The Soul is Energy with Consciousness. Do not think of the Soul as a being only in one place at a time. The Soul is everywhere, Like light. (Master Choa Kok Sui)
    Love is active energy, Pamper your…

  • The Intimate Web of Life

    The Intimate Web of Life

    Throughout history much has been written about life metaphorically in terms of colour and cloth, for instance: “the colour of life”, “the intimate web of life”, “the bond which binds all together”. …

  • What is Colour Therapy?

    What is Colour Therapy?

    What is colour therapy? My newspaper vendor asked very tongue in cheek, is that when you decorate a room, it turns out to be the wrong colour and you get grief from the missus then you need colour therapy!!! …

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Colour is a vibrational energy which forms part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The part within the spectrum we see as colour is called visible light.  Rays of colour within the visible light move in a wavelike motion and each resonates to a specific frequency and wavelength.  As beings of energy we absorb these waves as particles of energy and during colour therapy the colours needed go to the depleted part of the body or chakra which resonates at the same frequency and wavelength, in order to rebalance.

Balancing the energies in the chakras is very important for wellbeing.

I hold an energetic space for my client in my consciousness, which increases the effectiveness of the different multi-dimensional frequencies of the Heart Centred Colour Healing energies involved in the process, which aid with shifting blocked energies, creating change within.

The treatment is empowering, relaxing and pampering the benefits of which are:

    • Relief from emotional and mental challenges
    • Heals and repairs old emotional and mental wounds
    • Creates clarity, contentment, confidence and focus
    • Improves sleep
    • Clears mental fog
    • Creates positive mind-set
    • Activates inner peace and tranquillity
    • Clears negative blocks
    • Rebalances the chakras
    • Helps to rebalance and harmonise the auric field
    • Hormone balancing
    • Promotes self-love and self-nurturing

A hands-off therapy for those who are touch sensitive.

The process is as follows:

  1. Expect a warm welcome
  2. Complete a consultation form
  3. Colour diagnosis & Counselling

Treatment includes:Electric Rose

    • Foot spa (for pampering session only)
    • Scanning and cleansing the aura
    • Rebalance and realign the chakras
    • Heart Centred Colour Healing (HCCH)
    • Treatment feedback
    • Aftercare information
    • NB: For telephone consultations, could you please supply a photograph (b/w is fine) which will be used to connect to your energy for the purpose of colour diagnosis

“Colour is my passion.  As a qualified Colour Therapist coming from a background of fashion and colour, I felt the need to discover the esoteric qualities of colour and energy healing, to better understand vibrational energy and its transformative benefits in my life and in the life of others”

I am a qualified:

Eudes Labadie

    • Colour Therapist
    • NLP Practitioner
    • Reconnective Healer & Reconnection
    • Timeline Therapist
    • Meditation Tutor
    • Pranic Healer – various modalities; Basic Healing, Advanced Healing, Crystal Healing, Psychotherapy, Kriyashakti and Pranic Feng Shui
    • Member of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA)


Eudes is a wonderful Colour Therapist. The effects of colour healing lifted my energy levels and I continued to feel the benefits of Eudes’ colour treatment after each treatment session.

Coral Turner – Coral Turner Couture

I have had a number of treatments using colour and crystals by Eudes over the past few years, these treatments have been beneficial to my wellbeing spiritually and mentally.

Miss Lise Olsen, Designer, East London

The treatment was really moving. I was amazed that by barely touching me Eudes was moving my energy and emotions and it came out in tears.

Manuela Alvarez, Sales & Marketing Exec, London