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Healing HAnds


I am an empath and a natural healer from a generation of natural healers. My motivation and mission is to use my skills and gifts to help you to be in your flow and in the present, helping you to move forward.

As a fashion designer I loved working out different variations on a theme. Each person comes with their own theme, we each have our own story and often it’s not easy to step out of that story!  We create our own experiences.

My aim is to help you to:

    • Release negative blocks/restrictions and limiting beliefs at a soul level so they no longer have an effect on your choices and decisions
    • Optimise your true potential
    • Self nurturing
    • Self LOVE

Become awake/aware, live life in the present moment. When we move away from the centre and present moment, suffering begins, pain starts, emotional, mental, metabolic and physical.  Being awake we are able to shift the weight of those emotions, when we can transcend the emotion we can create a shift.  We need to understand when its time to let go without self judgment.

Our balance is continuously shifting affected by our psychology and physiology.  The body is a self repairing natural healer. Natural healing is the most beautiful organic therapy I know. It simply allows the laws of nature, and the universe to get to work with helping us to self-heal gently, all I do is extend a helping hand!

I aim to re-empower you with the powerful healing energies of the Cosmic Rose of Light frequency, Divine Light, Colour and Love, through Heart Centred Colour Healing (HCCH).


My desire to learn meditation and to understand healing energies in the early 90’s, came after a profound healing experience (which caused me to physically fall without understanding how or why) guided me onto a holistic path via the route of Mindfulness Meditation.

From that platform I also started learning about energy through chi gung training; kundalini/hatha yoga, and I have journeyed through many talks and workshops which included colour energy, colour psychology and colour theory.  On this journey I have been fortunate to meet with, Sonia Coquette, Lillian Verner- Bonds, Barbara Brennan, Rose Rosetree, Lynne McTaggart to name just a few, embracing their teachings.

I have also completed Colour Puncture Foundation, and different courses and modalities undertaken have added to my continuously expanding abilities and insights.  Practicing as an energy therapist, I have chosen to integrate all of my skills for the betterment and wellbeing of others and myself.

I continue to grow and evolve spiritually under the guidance of the priceless Great Teachings of  Kriyaji who has been and is a formidable inspiration in my life. In TRUTH SIMPLICITY and LOVE.


I am a qualified:

    • Colour Therapist
    • NLP Practitioner
    • Reconnective Healer & Reconnection
    • Timeline Therapist
    • Meditation Tutor
    • Pranic Healer – various modalities; Basic Healing, Advanced Healing, Crystal Healing, Psychotherapy, Kriyashakti and Pranic Feng Shui
    • Member of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA)

Eudes Labadie