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Why Colour Therapy?

SunshineSome problems may derive from emotional, mental and psychological blocks.

Fear and Insecurities created by deeply buried painful emotions can cause us to self-sabotage as we struggle with the challenges of life. This can then manifest itself as physical pain without us being aware. Our bodies can tell us everything we need to know about ourselves, if we only took time to connect and listen. RUN is the acronym for the coping strategy I use which allows you to gently: Release, Unravel and Neutralise your emotional/mental pain by simply using the powerful and subtle healing vibration of Colour Energy!

Life’s challenges affect us in many different ways. One of my clients had experienced great difficulties throughout her life in just coping with everyday small, mundane tasks. After visiting various therapists over the years without any success, she eventually came to me for a colour energy RUN treatment and this is what she experienced:

“Following my healing with you I found myself sleeping deeply that night and woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and peaceful. Over the next few days I experienced more energy and optimism than is usual for me and have since managed to tackle many little jobs which till now I have found myself too tired or apathetic to even contemplate. The colour diagnoses pinpointed my energetic blocks showing the areas most beneficial for me to work on in my own personal development. Thank you so much for my healing. You are one special healer. I feel AMAZING.” – Monireh 2017

How difficult do you find it to get the little things done?

Colour Therapy aids with the alleviation of mental, emotional and physical pain within the body, the benefits are many.

Please note Colour Therapy is complementary to qualified medical treatment. With regard to presenting symptoms it’s always best to seek professional help/advice from your GP.


What is Colour Therapy?

Colour Chart

Colour therapy is a natural, non-intrusive, holistic healing therapy which works subtly within the Aura (the electromagnetic field/subtle energy bodies that surround us) and the Chakras (the etheric energy vortexes that connect us to the subtle energy bodies) enabling the body to heal itself. This works holistically through the mind, body and soul by vibrational transmissions of colour and light frequencies in order to rebalance the whole.

The effects of colour on our moods, emotions and health have been researched for years by scientists and this research has shown that we are actually beings of light (cells in the body emit low levels of light) and in order to maintain good health we need energy from the full colour spectrum. Colour therapy is a great catalyst for healing and is safe and suitable for adults, babies and children.

    • A hands-off therapy, so if you are sensitive to touch don’t worry
    • A therapy which helps you to kick-start and work with your own self-healing
    • Life balancing and soul pampering
    • Colour energy healing, which cleanses, pampers, repairs, re-energises and polishes the aura
    • I am a natural healer and support my clients with their reconnective journey to the authentic self, through heart centred colour healing (HCCH). This therapy promotes balance, wellbeing, inner peace, relaxation, clarity of thought, focus and enables us to validate, acknowledge, love and nurture ourselves.  Moreover, my intent to heal and my client’s intent to be healed is paramount to the healing process. I hold an energetic space for my client in my consciousness, which increases the effectiveness of the different multi-dimensional frequencies of the HCCH energies involved in the process
    • Counselling & coaching – listening to what you have to say with respect, integrity and in total confidence & trust
    • Colour diagnosis using spine chart – (the spine is the central seat of energy within the body and each vertebra resonates to a colour)
    • Finding reflective space & ME time with colourful mindfulness Meditation

Come with an open heart/mind and leave with a smile

What to expect in a Treatment

what to expect in a treatment

    • Expect a warm welcome
    • Treatment and procedure explained
    • Fill out necessary forms
    • Foot spa given whilst I diagnose colour (for pamper session only)
    • Consultation
    • Coaching (for telephone coaching sessions please see message below )
    • Treatment is performed on a therapy couch lying down fully clothed or on a chair for Express Balance
    • The number of treatments I recommend is usually four
    • The full pamper treatment includes a foot spa and is an hour and a half
    • The follow up treatments are one hour (colour balances are shorter either 45/30 mins)
    • Aftercare information given
    • Follow up treatment after a week
    • NB: For telephone consultations, could you please supply a photograph (b/w is fine) which will be used to connect to your energy for the purpose of the colour diagnosis.


Come with an open heart/mind and leave with a smile


Eudes LabadieGet in touch for a free, no obligation telephone consultation and start changing your life today!


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    • Soul Pampering
    • Clears negative blocks
    • Helps with inspiration
    • Self empowering
    • Helps with relaxation
    • Works effectively with conventional medicine
    • Makes you feel happier; more content
    • Breaks down stagnant energies and old patterns in the body
    • Helps with letting go
    • Helps with creating positive change – If you feel good inside you look better outside
    • Helps you to acknowledge your own needs
    • To listen to your higher guidance
    • Creates subtle changes within which are beneficial to wellbeing; uplifting; self love very important
    • Relief from emotional pressure
    • Hormone balancing



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Eudes is a wonderful Colour Therapist. The effects of colour healing lifted my energy levels and I continued to feel the benefits of Eudes’ colour treatment after each treatment session.

Coral Turner – Coral Turner Couture

I have had a number of treatments using colour and crystals by Eudes over the passed few years, these treatments have been beneficial to my wellbeing spiritually and mentally.

Miss Lise Olsen, Designer, East London

The treatment was really moving. I was amazed that by barely touching me Eudes was moving my energy and emotions and it came out in tears.

Manuela Alvarez, Sales & Marketing Exec, London