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Relax and Restore your Mind and Body with the transformative power of Meditation

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention that originated in Eastern meditation practices” “Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally” “Bringing one’s complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis” – Wikipedia

Relax and Restore your mind and body with the transformative powers of Colour Mindfulness Meditation.  Sometimes life is a pressure cooker and that feeling of I’m about to blow, can trigger negative actions which often come back to haunt us.  Mindfulness meditation with colour helps you to gently work with and resolve the emotional and mental conflicts stored within.  So you’re better able to connect to your thoughts and feelings.  It generates positive energy and creates confidence, clarity, contentment, peace and joy.

Meditation allows for reflective time, for ME time, precious moments spent with the self, looking at the aspects of your life you would like to either nurture or let go!  The mind finds very little time to rest as our monkey brain is permanently active and often engaged in self-sabotage.  Our sense of self-worth can often be weighed down by negative thoughts and emotions.  Have you ever noticed how energetic you feel impacts on your physical body?

Have you ever noticed that when you’re sad and feeling down your body feels like a dead weight, heavy and sluggish and when you’re happy your body feels as light as a helium balloon?  That’s how powerfully the energy of our emotions and mental thoughts can affect us.

Colour analysis and guidance is given to support and enhance your mindfulness experience.

Give yourself permission to be your BEST SELF, enjoy the journey and relax into ME time.

The healing benefits of meditation are well known:

  • Improves creative thinking
  • Enhancing self-worth
  • Re – energise the mind
  • Opens the heart to your inner joy
  • Aids Self liberation
  • Overcoming self-hate
  • Release negative habits and patterns
  • Heal emotional and mental pain
  • Release stress and anxiety
  • Enhance your focus and attention
  • Connection to inner self
  • Aids peace and relaxation
  • Contributes to health and healing
  • Contributes to happiness and contentment
  • Reconnecting to self-love
  • Creating clarity
  • Finding ME time
  • Overcoming negative behaviour
  • Self-empowering
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Peace of mind
  • Releasing judgement

What to expect in a Treatment

what to expect in a treatment

    • Expect a warm welcome
    • Fill out necessary form
    • Colour diagnosis & consultation
    • Gentle exercises to open up energy centres (for group sessions only)
    • Guided Meditation
    • Follow up session/class after a week


Come with an open heart/mind and leave with a smile


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    • Soul Pampering
    • Clears negative blocks
    • Helps with inspiration
    • Self empowering
    • Helps with depresession SAD (season affective disorder)
    • Helps with relaxation
    • Works effectively with conventional medicine
    • Makes you feel happier; more content
    • Breaks down stagnant energies and old patterns in the body
    • Helps with letting go
    • Helps with creating positive change – If you feel good inside you look better outside
    • Helps you to acknowledge your own needs
    • To listen to your higher guidance
    • Creates subtle changes within which are beneficial to wellbeing; uplifting; self love very important
    • Relief from stress/anxiety
    • Hormone balancing



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Eudes is a wonderful Colour Therapist. The effects of colour healing lifted my energy levels and I continued to feel the benefits of Eudes’ colour treatment after each treatment session.

Coral Turner – Coral Turner Couture

I have had a number of treatments using colour and crystals by Eudes over the passed few years, these treatments have been beneficial to my wellbeing spiritually and mentally.

Miss Lise Olsen, Designer, East London

The treatment was really moving. I was amazed that by barely touching me Eudes was moving my energy and emotions and it came out in tears.

Manuela Alvarez, Sales & Marketing Exec, London