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Colour is a powerful stimulant which affects our moods and environment.

It can stimulate and enhance our moods, and trigger memories that make us happy or sad.  It is transmitted to the eyes, we absorb it through the skin and from the foods we eat.

Life’s challenges affect us in different ways.  When the body is out of harmony its colour frequency within the aura (the electromagnetic field) and chakras (etheric energy vortexes within the subtle energy bodies) change.  When the vibrational frequency of the body is affected by our life challenges, the colour frequencies within the chakras may become depleted or overactive, resulting in imbalance in different aspects of the body; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, metabolically or physically.

Colour diagnosis and 1-2-1 colour energy coaching is a beneficial tool for discovering and dealing with imbalances within the body, emotionally and mentally, that stop us from becoming our BEST selves.  It supports dealing with overwhelm, confusion, mind fog, lack of confidence, lack of clarity, focus, direction and general fatigue.  Having a non-judgmental and objective supportive listening ear assists with the unfolding and releasing of negative and unproductive patterns.

What are your coping strategies for overcoming emotional pain and mental challenges?

RUN is an acronym for the strategy I use which allows you to gently: Release, Unravel and Neutralise your emotional/mental pain in complete confidence and trust, knowing you are supported.

What to expect in a Treatment

what to expect in a treatment

    • Expect a warm welcome
    • Consultation form filled out
    • Colour diagnosis
    • Consultation, your goals and outcome discussed
    • Listening with respect in complete confidence, integrity and trust
    • The number of sessions I recommend is usually four
    • Aftercare information given
    • Follow up treatment after a week

    NB: For telephone consultations, could you please supply a photograph (b/w is fine) which will be used to connect to your energy for the purpose of the colour diagnosis.

    Sessions are held by phone, Skype or in-person.


    Connect with an open heart/mind and close with a smile


    Eudes LabadieGet in touch for a free, no obligation telephone consultation and start changing your life today!


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      • Soul Pampering
      • Clears negative blocks
      • Helps with inspiration
      • Self empowering
      • Helps with depresession SAD (season affective disorder)
      • Helps with relaxation
      • Works effectively with conventional medicine
      • Makes you feel happier; more content
      • Breaks down stagnant energies and old patterns in the body
      • Helps with letting go
      • Helps with creating positive change – If you feel good inside you look better outside
      • Helps you to acknowledge your own needs
      • To listen to your higher guidance
      • Creates subtle changes within which are beneficial to wellbeing; uplifting; self love very important
      • Relief from stress/anxiety
      • Hormone balancing



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    Eudes is a wonderful Colour Therapist. The effects of colour healing lifted my energy levels and I continued to feel the benefits of Eudes’ colour treatment after each treatment session.

    Coral Turner – Coral Turner Couture

    I have had a number of treatments using colour and crystals by Eudes over the passed few years, these treatments have been beneficial to my wellbeing spiritually and mentally.

    Miss Lise Olsen, Designer, East London

    The treatment was really moving. I was amazed that by barely touching me Eudes was moving my energy and emotions and it came out in tears.

    Manuela Alvarez, Sales & Marketing Exec, London