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“The Soul is Energy with Consciousness.  Do not think of the Soul as being only in one place at a time.  The Soul is everywhere!  Like light, it can be here and there at the same time.  Your Soul is inside and outside of your body at the same time” (Master Choa Kok Sui)

Master Choa also writes “Weaknesses occur when the Soul loses control over the physical, emotional and mental bodies”.

I weave, cleanse, repair, pamper, sooth and massage in the subtle energy fields (the aura) with the powerful healing frequencies of Heart Centred Colour Healing (HCCH) to remove negative/stagnant energy and soul blocks. The aura is an electromagnetic field which surrounds the body, it responds to thought patterns and energy follows thought!

Everything within the electromagnetic spectrum has an aura; plants, objects and people. It vibrates to different colours, sounds and light frequencies and these colours are affected and altered by our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical states.  The surrounding environment, food we eat, our health and emotions can create frequent changes within the aura which is said to be our connection to a higher plane of consciousness and our soul.  It is made up of a combination of light, colour and energy.

Emotional imbalances can show up as blocks within the aura and if ignored can manifest into physical illness.  The use of colour, by feeding the depleted energy bodies, can help reactivate them thereby removing the energy blocks.

Soul pampering is gentle, tranquil, soothing, very relaxing and fills you with an inner peace and clarity.

What to expect in a Treatment

what to expect in a treatment

    • Expect a warm welcome
    • Treatment and procedure explained
    • Fill out necessary form
    • Foot spa given whilst I diagnose colour (for pamper session only)
    • Consultation
    • Treatment is performed on a therapy couch lying down fully clothed or on a chair (Express Balance is on a chair)
    • The number of treatments I recommend is usually four
    • The full pamper treatment includes a foot spa and is an hour and a half
    • The follow up treatments are one hour (foot spa not included). Colour Balances are shorter either 45/30 mins.
    • Aftercare information given
    • Follow up treatment after a week


Come with an open heart/mind and leave with a smile


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    • Soul Pampering
    • Clears negative blocks
    • Helps with inspiration
    • Self empowering
    • Helps with depresession SAD (season affective disorder)
    • Helps with relaxation
    • Works effectively with conventional medicine
    • Makes you feel happier; more content
    • Breaks down stagnant energies and old patterns in the body
    • Helps with letting go
    • Helps with creating positive change – If you feel good inside you look better outside
    • Helps you to acknowledge your own needs
    • To listen to your higher guidance
    • Creates subtle changes within which are beneficial to wellbeing; uplifting; self love very important
    • Relief from stress/anxiety
    • Hormone balancing



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Eudes is a wonderful Colour Therapist. The effects of colour healing lifted my energy levels and I continued to feel the benefits of Eudes’ colour treatment after each treatment session.

Coral Turner – Coral Turner Couture

I have had a number of treatments using colour and crystals by Eudes over the passed few years, these treatments have been beneficial to my wellbeing spiritually and mentally.

Miss Lise Olsen, Designer, East London

The treatment was really moving. I was amazed that by barely touching me Eudes was moving my energy and emotions and it came out in tears.

Manuela Alvarez, Sales & Marketing Exec, London